Public Sector

ROWS, Inc. fosters community growth by assisting public work agencies, highway departments, and local governments in acquiring right of ways to make improvements to infrastructure. We have provided right of way services to a number of local, state and federal agencies for airport, highway, rail, public utilities and other important public service projects.

Some of our most notable projects include the expansion of US Hwy 281 from a 2-lane road to a 4-lane highway, a 36” water pipeline to increase the reliability to provide water to residences of the southside of Corpus Christi and the newly constructed multi-use complex center located in Alice, Texas.



The pre-acquisition phase is the foundation to a projects success. ROWS, Inc. works closely with client selected survey groups, prepares limited title certificates and since this is normally the first contact with the landowner, ROWS, Inc. strategically places agents that historically work best with the landowners and the area. Good client/landowner relationships start here and are the backbone to a projects success. SERVICES INCLUDE:

  • Feasibility and routing studies
  • Abstract/title search
  • Permitting for right of entry
  • Permitting Governmental, State, Federal and local agencies
  • Due diligence



In every acquisition project, ROWS, Inc.’s goal is to negotiate in good faith by being honest and upfront with the landowner and by being knowledgeable of the project’s scope, objective and how the project will impact each landowner. Landowner communications are documented on a daily basis and are easily accessible to the client. SERVICES INCLUDE:

  • Document preparation
  • Negotiations and acquisition
  • Supplemental easements
  • Amended easements
  • Easement delineation
  • Options to purchase easements



In the construction phase, ROWS Inc. acts as the liason between the client and landowner often spearing off potential problems. ROWS, Inc.’s agents are trained to assess damages, problem solve and work through landowner concerns to help the construction contractor obtain his schedule goals. SERVICES INCLUDE:

  • Construction support
  • Damage claim settlement
  • Condemnation support
  • Project management
  • Reporting



ROWS, Inc. has an experienced management team that is familiar with the right of way processes necessary to manage a project successfully. Our team has vast experience in working with budgets, re-projections, burn rates, executive summaries and schedules. SERVICES INCLUDE:

  • Overseeing and supervising
  • Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Re-projecting
  • Forecasting

ROWS, Inc. has experience working with a number of clients across Texas. Here are just a few of the municipalities and organizations we have worked with over the years:

City of Agua Dulce, City of Alice, City of Corpus Christi, City of McAllen, East Rio Hondo Water Supply, Jim Wells County, Hidalgo County, Live Oak County,  Ricardo Water Supply, South Texas Water Authority, TxDOT